Almost 2,000 different web shops, magazines and newspapers are connected to the Affiliprint network as publisher in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Our partners have a common monthly range of over 10 million Dutch households. This also includes the households with a NEE-NEE sticker on the mailbox.

Targeting takes place based on sector, demographical and geographical characteristics. This is why the distribution of the inserts is very purposeful.

Every voucher contains a discount code. The consumer should fill this in on the website of the advertiser, during the ordering process. Then a measuring pixel on the thank you page tells our portal which code is cashed at which moment. Because of this the progress of your campaign can be monitored in real-time.

Yes. For example, discount codes can be replaced by a landing page per publisher. At this moment in time Affiliprint has a lot of experience with this.

That is of course possible. We can handle one code per campaign, per partner or per insert.

No-one other than your own design department is better able to deliver a beautiful design for your insert. Furthermore Affiliprint manages your campaign from A to Z. If your designers are unexpectedly too busy or if your creativity is stuck, our own designers will be happy to help you further.

In most cases we advise you to work with a discount in euros and not with a discount in percentages. But every campaign is unique and there is no default for ‘the best proposition’. The fact is that a good discount in combination with the right promotional conditions is one of the most important keys to success. Our specialists would love to advise you on the proposition that they believe would suit your campaign best.

That is perhaps the question that we receive the most. There are so many variables that influence the conversion of a campaign that we cannot speak of an average. We often even see big differences in conversion between similar publishers on the same campaign. However, by measuring and analysing the results per campaign well, we are more and more able to optimise your campaign. With every campaign, we strive for the perfect relationship between price and conversion.

Within two weeks the first inserts can be spread. This does depend on the choices that are made regarding expression and distributors, because gift cards have a longer production time than vouchers and magazines have earlier article-delivery deadlines than web shops. But every campaign has to be ready for distribution within 2 to 5 weeks.

While we advise to test with a minimum of 100,000 inserts, is it already possible to set up a campaign with 50,000 inserts.

As a publisher you receive an e-mail when a new campaign is launched, without obligations. If this campaign appeals to you, you submit a distribution request via the portal. If this is approved you receive the inserts and the distribution can begin. This way you yourself can determine which discount promotions you surprise your customers with.

When you perform at least 500 submissions a month, you are welcome with the Affiliprint network as a publisher. Per campaign there is a minimum required distribution number of 1,000 inserts.

Per submission up to three different inserts may be included.

The fee is variable and depends on the campaign conditions that have been agreed upon with the advertiser. There are campaigns available with a fee per 1,000 spread inserts (CPM), and also campaigns with a fee per generated sale. (CPS) You yourself determine with which campaign propositions you agree.

The size and the dimensions of the insert vary per campaign. The two sizes used most often are A6 and DIN Long. An average voucher weighs 3 grams. A gift card weighs 9 grams. Of course you can communicate distribution restrictions because of size and weight to us.