Standard Text Privacy Statement Advertisers

You may use this standard text as an advertiser to include in your privacy statement for the visitors of your website. Advertisers at Affiliprint are obliged to inform its visitors about the services that Affiliprint performs for them in case the Advertiser uses the measurement pixel from Affiliprint and transfer data to Affiliprint. You may, but are not obliged to use this text for this.

This text is an example. You are free to adjust it, or use other techniques. Affiliprint does not accept any liability for the content of this statement.

For the data processing with regard to Affiliprint’s services, the privacy impact for the visitors is very limited.  Read here the Affiliprint Privacy Statement. Of course you must comply with the agreements in the standard processor agreement.

Start standard text:

[NAME ADVERTISER] uses the service from Affiliprint. In order to be able to compensate for this measurable result, a match must be made between the publisher that has provided the visitor with a coupon code and the transaction that has been generated by the use of the coupon code.

To use this service, we pass limited transaction data to Affiliprint. We provide the following data in scope of the GDPR; 1) pseudonymized transaction IDs and/or unique coupon codes. This data  is not shared with third parties and only used by us for validation purposes. 2) Your IP address will also be passed on to Affiliprint through the technical process. This IP address is only stored for quality assurance and fraud prevention in the Affiliprint system and is not shared with third parties.

No consumer profiles (behavioural user profiles) are created via the services provided by Affiliprint. A processor agreement with Affiliprint has been concluded for the storage and processing of this transaction data.