Affiliprint was founded in 2010 in Oldenburg, Germany. It can call itself the first company that applies the affiliate model to offline distribution options. A year after its conception the Affiliprint concept was awarded with the European startup prize ‘Enable2start’ of the Financial Times Deutschland. As a result the then strategic partnership with Daisycon, in 2013 Affiliprint opened their doors in the Netherlands. In 2015 the Belgian market was also entered, following a successful start in the Netherlands.

Based in Oldenburg, Almere and Antwerp, Affiliprint has a dedicated team of 25 specialists working on expanding the network and optimizing the technical platform. Through over 2.000 web shops, magazines and newspapers, around 60 million inserts are distributed every year to end consumers, which is making Affiliprint one of the biggest global insert networks.


Driven by international ambition and the proven synergie between online and offline affiliate marketing, Daisycon converted the strategic partnership in 2015 by acquiring Affiliprint as part of the holding. The cross-medial reach was enriched even further in 2016 by starting a strategic partnership with checkout marketing specialist Sovendus.


Advertisers are always looking for opportunities with the purpose of generating more sales, more leads and bigger online reach. Publishers in their turn always aim for more return out of websites and e-mail databases. Daisycon has been building a ramified system since the year 2000 that can contribute to accomplishing these goals. Present through all of Europe, Daisycon is constantly developing their business in the field of online affiliate marketing with its main focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


Having started in 2008, Sovendus is exploiting a succesful network with over 850 online shops in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Facilitating a platform for performance based checkout marketing, new customers, extra turnover and relevant e-mailadresses are being generated for affiliated partners. As of 2016 Sovendus opened the doors of their Dutch offices to grow their business in the Netherlands.


With their complimentary partners, Affiliprint constantly seeks to optimize and enhance the marketing mix of affiliated advertisers and publishers. Where most marketing solutions have limits, Affiliprint will continue: from the actual first transation, to the checkout page and into the physical parcels.